Believe It or Not, You Can Do This!

Maybe you’re having a day like mine—you got up early but you’re still behind. Exercising didn’t go well. You ran out of the house in such a hurry that lunch didn’t get packed. (In fact, you wishfully threw some breakfast food in your bag because there wasn’t time for that either.) And, you’ve been chasing tasks all day long. When everything feels like some sort of failure, remember, you can do this!

Some days feel like failure

How you’re feeling right now isn’t wrong. Some days are hard. You miss appointments, yell at the kids, and end the day (or morning, or afternoon) feeling like a failure. Truthfully, more days than not, I feel like major portions of my life need an overhaul. It’s a vicious cycle I create.

Inevitably, I’ll expect to get 20 projects accomplished in the time it would take to complete 10 projects. I’ll get interrupted or hit a roadblock, leaving something hanging. And, worst of all I’ll start comparing our family responsibilities to work. Which is more important?  Can I scratch a kid activity to make more room in my work schedule? How can I hide out all by myself to focus?

Life can feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders and a kid left Legos all over the floor.

Believe It Or Not You Can Do This
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We have the best intentions

Literally, I’ve been chasing the absolute best version of me for years. The problem, my definition of best is perfection. We all know that’s unreasonable, but it’s the standard I’m chasing.

Maybe you’re not quite as far along on the crazy train as me, but I bet there are things you’re chasing too. Do your mother or mother-in-law’s suggestions keeping playing in your head? How often do you watch your friend’s children and wish your own acted a little better? Does staying at home make you wonder if you’re waiting your education? What if you can see where you’re headed but you’re just not getting there as quickly as you wish?

This isn’t limited to work. We have this keen ability to drive ourselves crazy about all the different aspects of our life. Before you know it, you too are creating lists of all that needs to be done and scouring books, trying to figure out how to be a more patient and loving mama while also chasing after your dreams and changing the world in the next year.

And then, you get tired and frustrated with everyone and everything, including yourself.

Believe it or not, you can do this!

From my car, while my daughter is in violin lessons, which did interrupt my work but had to be done right now because this was the only open slot, I need to tell you the truth!

You can have a life that you love with a great family and meaningful work, but you cannot do everything all at once and it’s not going to be perfect.

We both need to hear this. Your children are a gift and a responsibility. So is your passion. God didn’t give you one to compete with the other. He gave you both as a means to live out your faith every day.

You’re being too hard on yourself. So am I. If you tell me you’re trying your best each day, I’ll say you’re doing great. Stop expecting perfection. Quit attempting to do 3 mamas’ jobs in your 1 mama life. Start accepting where you are in relation to the progress you’ve made.

You are not the same person you were a few years ago. Neither am I. The Holy Spirit is continually shaping us. You’ve made amazing progress. Be proud of yourself.

The truth you need to remember

There will be days when you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you will feel like a failure. On the days when you only see the ways you need to do more or be better, remember these words.

You are already doing great things.

God did not bring you this far to leave you now.

No one expects you to be perfect.

You cannot do everything at one time.

Give yourself grace.

Tomorrow is a new day.

You can do this!

Believe It Or Not You Can Do This


Motherhood is hard. Just when we think we’re doing it right, something happens to make us doubt ourselves. I hope you find encouragement in every post and realize just how great you are already. Do you have a friend who needs some encouragement too? Share this post with her and then signup to get new posts by email.

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