MOXIE: Define and Embrace Your Purpose

Photo By Kate Davies On Unsplash

Moxie. How could one word evoke so many emotions—intrigue, excitement, confidence, fierceness, a slightly vintage mystique? Define and embrace your purpose when you own your moxie. (I may be slightly biased about the greatness of this word, as it is my nickname.) Moxie defined mox-ie  |  1. energy, pep  2. determination, nerve  3. know-how For … Read more

A Woman’s Place Is… (surprising the skeptics)

a woman's place is

Might as well, jump right into this conversation. Is there a more cringey way to start a conversation than “a woman’s place is…?” Rarely does anything productive or good come from that line because we’re tired of being “put in our place” by anyone other than God. What if we agree to start a conversation? … Read more

Choose to Be Confident (even when you don’t feel it)

choose to be confident

We have this idea of being confident and chasing our dreams, but truthfully, if we don’t make some changes we won’t be confident. No amount of words on a page or inspiring message will change us. You have a choice— choose to be confident (even when you don’t feel like it). Unraveling the truth about … Read more

Live More Confidently and Be Bold

live more confidently and be bold

Boldness. Wouldn’t it be great if we were so confident in what God is calling us to do, we lived our lives fully believing his words? Living confidently is possible, even when you don’t fully understand what’s happening in your life. Realistically, we’re not going to fully, or even mostly, understand what’s happening in our … Read more

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