Grow With Grace

grow with grace

You have a dream. But you also have a life and feel like you’re falling further behind every day. Success is easy, right—Name the Dream | Work Hard and Grow | Achieve Success?! Success is never quite that easy. The grace you receive + the grace you give = your ability to grow with grace. … Read more

You Cannot Finish What You Do Not Start

you cannot finish

It’s been a rough year and some of us are feeling stuck. We want to believe in God’s promise and dream, but we’re weary because life’s been hard. We’re not interested in signing up for more hard things right now. Imagine finding the confidence to take the first step and then a couple more. What … Read more

Train for the Race that is Your Life

train for the race

During my 4 year gap between baby #2 and baby #3, I took up running. And being one who loves a good challenge, I took up running half marathons.  To be successful (which meant finishing without feeling like I was going to die), I had to train for the race I entered. Whether you want … Read more

In a World of Possibilities, Know Where You’re Headed

know where you’re headed

Dream big. Your opportunities are endless. Start today. Work hard. Don’t stop. Keep going. And, be grateful and joyful. God has a plan for you. People are watching. Overwhelmed yet? In a world of possibilities, why is it so hard to know where you’re headed? Too many options These things I know for sure. God … Read more

Only You Can Build Your Dream

build your dream

In my mind, there’s a future me who is a bible teacher and coach. My words flow into books and courses, which then help women find a greater appreciation of who God created them to be. But, my books and courses won’t reach the people who need them if I don’t act. This is my … Read more

Maybe This IS What We Do

this is what we do

For far too long, the off-hand remarks and unsaid-but-implied directives have overwhelmed my thoughts and stymied my responses. But now, I finally found my words with such velocity and clarity that my fingers can barely keep up on the keyboard. Friends, maybe this is what we do. Maybe, this is what the good Lord put … Read more

Inside our Desire to Struggle Well

struggle well

You can do this. God created you to be strong and capable. Don’t disappoint God. I hear the words and I believe the words. No one says the words to me. No, they’re the words I tell myself. Truth and lies constantly invade my thoughts, jockeying for prominence. God created me to be strong and … Read more

3 Good Gifts: Grace, Patience, and Confidence

3 good gifts

“You’re the hardest person to shop for!” According to my husband, children, and stepmom, I am indeed the hardest person to shop for. How would you feel if instead of another candle this year, you got something guaranteed to make a difference in your life? And what if you didn’t have to wait to receive … Read more

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

At some point, we connected being a “good Christian” with living a comfortable life. Our definition of being “blessed” more closely resembled a grown-up Christmas list instead of God’s character. Friend, if you’re honestly trying to do God’s will, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Real talk None of us want life to be any harder than … Read more

Brave Enough to Start Again, It’s Who We Are – Your 2020 Reboot

Reboot Restart Feature

Skipping the last 3 months of 2020 won’t work. Nor, can we use a mulligan for the first 9 months. But, the next 90 days can be amazing, even if the first 335 were terrible. Your whole 2020 story matters—unexpected twists, conflict, competing storylines, your message, every part is important—and we get to decide the … Read more

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