Know When to Refocus – Your 2020 Reboot

Know When to Refocus

Originally, I wanted to call this post “Make Room for Joy,” but that doesn’t feel right. There’s nothing wrong with the word “joy,” but it can feel disingenuous or unobtainable at times. Given all the things this year has thrown at us, I think our first step is to know when to refocus. Or, maybe … Read more

Reset Your Internal Monologue – Your 2020 Reboot

Reset Your Internal Monologue

“Nice girls don’t talk like that.” Okay, if you say so. Are the words we say out loud the only ones we should be focusing on? Maybe not. The words you hear might not be the most troublesome words I say. Equally important and less discussed are the words we say to ourselves all day … Read more

Pause and Reflect – Your 2020 Reboot

Pause and Reflect

What else could possibly happen in 2020? Global pandemic, widespread civil unrest, natural disasters, life turned upside down—check, check, check, check! Giving up on 2020 seems like a viable option, but what if we choose to reboot 2020 instead? How this year ends is up to us. Before we start, let’s pause and reflect on … Read more

Looking For Purpose but Waiting on God

looking for purpose but waiting on God

Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. Advent begs us to slow down, to hold each one carefully and consider its part in our faith. Sit in the discomfort, wait for something to be revealed before the season’s big celebration. Wait, anticipate, you’re looking for purpose but waiting on God. Even now, he asks you to do his … Read more

Being Your Best Is Not About You

being your best is not about you

Everywhere you look people are pushing ways to become the best version of yourself—join this fitness program, eat these supplements, use these products, or take that course. You can’t avoid it. Getting caught up in the excitement of to get caught up in the excitement of all these possibilities. These people don’t even really know … Read more

Know Who You Are to Become Who You Want

know who you are to become who you want

The idea of becoming who you’re meant to be and doing your best is exciting and invigorating, but let’s be real—it’s also unnerving. When you believe God created you for something great, the idea of not doing it well is terrifying. Disappointing people is awful, but disappointing God is unimaginable. Before you decide to stop … Read more

The Importance of Choosing the Right Race

Martins Zemlickis Unsplash

Let’s start by making it clear—I’m not a runner. Unless I’m being chased by something deadly or the world’s best dessert is ahead, I’m not running far or fast. This is not a post about that type of race. This is a post about the race of life and the importance of choosing the right … Read more

Believe It or Not, You Can Do This!

James Pond Unsplash

Maybe you’re having a day like mine—you got up early but you’re still behind. Exercising didn’t go well. You ran out of the house in such a hurry that lunch didn’t get packed. (In fact, you wishfully threw some breakfast food in your bag because there wasn’t time for that either.) And, you’ve been chasing … Read more

Owning Your Gifts and Abilities

Asphalt Aspiration Clouds

It’s a typical day. You’ve packed lunches, folded mountains of laundry, managed the kid taxi like a champ, and wrangled all the little people into bed. Now, you’re tired and maybe a little discontent. Sure, you got a lot of stuff done today, but it didn’t feel particularly special. You don’t realize it, but those … Read more

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