The Emotional Benefits of Pursuing Your Passion

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Motherhood is hard, and many days it’s thankless too. I know you’ve been struggling with the idea of what you’re supposed to do with your life. Maybe you should work, especially since the kiddos are in school, but they still need you. It’s even worse when you admit how much you enjoy working. Wanting to … Read more

Bigger Questions Working Mamas Need to Ask

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You wake up early, hoping for a couple quiet minutes alone. Before you know it, your morning race begins and you’re coaxing sleepy kids out of bed. How old are kids before they can get dressed, eat, and brush their teeth at a reasonable pace? Out the door you all go, hoping you have everything. … Read more

Chasing Dreams and Finding Passion

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Does chasing dreams feel frivolous? We’re already overwhelmed with all the things we have to do each day. Doing something we enjoy feels selfish. Who am I to start grad school without a good reason or write a blog that takes up my time and doesn’t make money? Most of the time it seems like … Read more

Permission to Dream in the Middle of Your Ordinary Days

Do you remember when you were little and thought you could be anything? Little kids imagine life without limitations. They are superheroes who save the world and princesses who live in castles. As we get older our big dreams slowly slip away which each additional responsibility and we become a little more hardened each time … Read more

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