Coach, Counselor, Consultant, Mentor – Who can help?

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Hear this clearly – you are not expected to be the “hero” of every situation. It’s ok to ask for help. Now, that we’ve cleared that up, who do you call? Who is best-suited to help you depends on what you’re facing and the type of help you want. Orientations of the Helping Professions At … Read more

3 Year-End Tasks to Boost Your Business and Make Your Accountant Happy

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Friendly reminder: we’re quickly approaching December 31st. You have a full month left to make decisions that will significantly affect your business for 2021 and beyond. These 3 year-end tasks will boost your business and make your accountant happy. Whether you’re racing to finish projects, comfortably coasting towards January, or a little disoriented about what … Read more

Stuck and Need Help? 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

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You’ve exhausted your abilities. Progress has stalled. You’re stuck and need help. What happens next will significantly impact the future of everything you’ve built. Before hiring, ask yourself these 5 questions. What do you do? Give us your elevator pitch. What do you do? Who do you serve? Where are you headed? Maybe those questions … Read more

Together We Rise, Responding to the Ups and Downs of Ambition

together we rise

Certainly, I’m not the only one who can go from confident to skeptical in the blink of an eye. How do we respond to the ups and downs of ambition? With encouragement, honesty, and support. Together we rise. Riding the roller coaster of ambition On a random Sunday afternoon, my daughter convinced our family to … Read more

Goals Don’t Achieve Themselves

Goals Don't Achieve Themselves

You know that thing you really want, but haven’t accomplished yet…what’s stopping you? Let’s assume indifference isn’t the culprit. Two of the biggest barriers to success are ambiguity and overload—in other words, purpose and manageable steps. Goals don’t achieve themselves, let’s dig into what you want and plan for success. Wishes and goals are not … Read more

When to Say “No” to Good Opportunities

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Here’s your current dilemma—someone you admire just offered you an amazing opportunity. This is literally the opportunity dreams are made of. Saying “yes” seems like an easy decision, but is it the right choice? When should you say “no” to good opportunities? Start with your purpose To make a good decision, you have to know … Read more

Work and Wait, Even When the Waiting is Long

work and wait even when the waiting is long

Every morning I write 3 things I’m grateful for, 6 big but achievable goals, 3 prayers, a focus scripture, and my 1 priority project for the day in my journal. Several months in, the same 6 goals practically write themselves. Goal #5—I am an author of 4 books. Big and audacious—yes. Immediately achievable—no. So I … Read more

Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure

failing doesn’t make you a failure

Opening a retail store sounded like a great idea. Good products, a strategic location, overambitious owners—what could go wrong? And for a while, the hard work was exciting, until it wasn’t anymore. When the store failed, we felt like failures. Maybe you didn’t open a store, but you know how failure feels too. Believing that … Read more

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