Goals for the New Year Revisited

Did you start January with a list of goals for the new year? This was definitely going to be the year you would get in shape, clean out your house, and get your schedule under control. Every year, January stares at us with promises of newness, opportunity, and change.

I always look forward to thinking about the new year and what might be. This year was no different. I started with my normal list but then it morphed into more of a mindset shift. I didn’t necessarily want to change all the things in my life, it was the way I do all the things in my life. Fast forward to February, and the shiny, newness of January is long gone. Now, we’re in the middle of real life. It’s busy, hard, and messy.

Let’s revisit your goals

What goals for the new year did you choose? Think back to January, what changes did you want to make? I listed out a couple of mine: be more patient, publish one new post each week, exercise 3 times a week. They were both broad and specific, all-encompassing.

My results are a mixed bag. Let’s just call patience something that’s a work in process. I have published one new post each week so far and the momentum feels good. But, I’ve exercised 2 times, total. Not 2 times each week, 2 times in like 6 weeks. So, my exercise goal is a failure.

Maybe you’re looking at my list and thinking it’s pretty good, or maybe bad. Either way, the real purpose of me sharing my failures is to help you take a look at your goals for the new year. Goals are only helpful if we measure them.

Goals For The New Year Revisited

Not it’s your turn. How are you doing with your goals? I’ll bet you’re doing awesome at some and maybe not quite as good at others.

Goals to celebrate

You’ve done some great work already this year. What’s the one goal you’re most proud of? Being able to identify a goal and achieve it is no small task.

What made this goal achievable for you? I’m guessing it was the right goal meeting up with the right motivation and the right amount of time. Basically, it’s something you really wanted to do for yourself and now was the right time. So what’s next with this goal? If it’s become a lifestyle, keep going. If you’ve reached a plateau, how can you challenge yourself to get to the next level?

Writing one new post a week is a goal I’ve achieved but it hasn’t been easy. Life’s pretty busy right now so I’m not ready to up the ante on this goal yet. If this is where you’re at, you need to realize its ok to reach a goal and hold there. Some goals are just that, a singular goal you want to achieve.

Goals that need more work

Back to my list. Some of my goals for the new year were long-term and mindset shifts. These are not the kind of things you change in the first two months of the year.

I literally put be more patient and stop yelling at the kids on my list. Let’s just be real, they needed to be on the list. Have I achieved these goals in two months—not a chance. Have I thought about it pretty much every day and consciously tried—absolutely.

I’m pretty sure you have something like this on your list too. They’re the goals you really want to achieve but you know take a lot of work. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect yet. Actually, you might just stink at it still, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. These are goals that really mean something to you, even if they’re hard. Keep going. Try again tomorrow, even if you messed up today.

Goals to walk away from

I’m not really one to quit things but sometimes you need to walk away. This is where I stand with exercising right now. Last fall I was exercising 3 days a week consistently and feeling great. This winter, I literally don’t have the time and there’s no way to make time either. Exercise just isn’t a priority right now. Family, school, and work all trump exercise because they need to.

Maybe you have one of these goals too, the kind that just isn’t working. It’s time to reconsider if it’s the right goal at the right time in your life.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Does this goal reflect who you want to be?
  • Is it a high priority in your life right now?
  • Are you willing to make time to achieve this goal?
  • Is your list of goals too long?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • Did you pick this goal to please someone else?

Maybe you picked the wrong goal for the wrong reason. Or, maybe it’s the right goal at the wrong time. Either way, walking away might be the right choice.

Where to go from here

What are the right goals to create your best life right now? You’re the only person who can answer that question.

Take some time, think about where you wanted to be in January. Then get real about what life has looked like since then. Are you on the same path? Are there new challenges ahead?

It’s time to reset. Adjust your goals to life right now. You are several months wiser than you were in January, use that knowledge to get ahead. Create some goals for the next couple months, and be ready to reevaluate again in a couple months. If you need more help thinking through your goals, Jennifer Tanaka shares some great advice on resetting after you miss the mark.

Goals are only good if you are committed at the right time with the right goal. Make your goals count. They should be hard enough to make you stretch and real enough to influence your daily life.

Motherhood is hard. Just when we think we’re doing it right, something happens to make us doubt ourselves. I hope you find encouragement in every post and realize just how great you are already are. Do you have a friend who needs some encouragement too? Share this post with her and then signup to get new posts by email. 

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