Know Who You Are to Become Who You Want

The idea of becoming who you’re meant to be and doing your best is exciting and invigorating, but let’s be real—it’s also unnerving. When you believe God created you for something great, the idea of not doing it well is terrifying. Disappointing people is awful, but disappointing God is unimaginable. Before you decide to stop instead of fail, think about your purpose and how God wants to use you. Want to be confident chasing your dream? First, know who you are to become who you want to be.

Awkward step #1

Want 1 of the most awkward jobs ever? Write your own bio. It’s almost impossible—write so you sound interesting but humble at the same time. Be confident, but not exaggerated. Oh, and fight self-doubt the whole time. Fun stuff.

You might be your own biggest cheerleader but at the same time, you’re the biggest critic too. The tension between the two extremes makes describing yourself hard—which way are you leaning at that moment? I understand because I do it too! God has given me this big vision for what he wants me to do, but I lack the faith to believe it can happen. Why? Mainly because I’ve forgotten the truth of who I am now and become stifled by the past that I apparently won’t let go of.

How about you? Is it easier to hang on to the things you hate about yourself and who you used to be instead of trusting God with your future? Sometimes, our not so pleasant past or the things we wish were different are more comfortable than uncertainty.

Allow the truth to overwhelm you

You need to hear, believe, and then be reminded frequently of God’s truth in your life. Hear, believe, repeat.

Your belief in Christ redeemed you—so simple yet so hard to believe. Redemption wasn’t followed by a get-yourself-together list of conditions. Saving faith = redemption.

Who you were is not who you are now.
One bad day doesn’t define you.
God is not finished with you yet.

You love telling others about all the ways God has changed you and the freedom he offers, but sometimes you still don’t quite believe it’s completely true for you. There’s that one thing you know he doesn’t like and you feel guilty. If you could just be better, maybe work a little harder, you could be the person he wants. The idea of being “redeemed” is so easy to see for other people. If we can tell others about freedom and redemption, why’s it so hard to believe when we’re focusing on ourselves?

know who you are to become who you want
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It isn’t just you

These are the same questions I ask myself all the time. I have this vision for where God is leading me—he’s been gracious enough to give me a heads-up because my doubt is huge. Even so, I struggle to believe. My unbelief is so much greater than my belief when it comes to me. I know God can do anything, but I doubt myself too often.

For years I’ve had a rebellion-guilt thing going on in my mind. The perfectionist in me wants to do everything exactly right, but I also want to be popular so sometimes that doesn’t mesh well with rules. High school was a real challenge leading to some major guilt and regret I’m still carrying around.

Fast forward a decade and it’s the same kind of cycle with a little different twist. I’m fairly headstrong and don’t really see being female as a disqualifier for much. But very quickly I started to see how young, female, and opinionated were not welcome everywhere. Take the guilt from my teens and add to it a good dose of doubt about who I am and you start doubting how God created you.

I want to tell you it’s easy, but it’s not. Maybe for some people it is easier. I have a cousin who would probably be up for sainthood if we were Catholic. (I am only almost kidding.) But, for me, the struggle to believe the truth of what God says about me is ongoing. Yes, it gets a little easier over time but I’ve also learned that I need to pay attention more and remind myself of his truth frequently. Luckily, he’s been gracious with his reminders as well.

Know who you are to become who you want

Read 1 John 2:12-14 out loud and as you do, insert your name. Let it wash over you and be the truth remember today.

I am writing to you, <your name>,
because your sins are forgiven for his name’s sake.
I am writing to you, <your name>,
because you know him who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, <your name>,
because you have overcome the evil one.
I am writing to you, <your name>,
because you know the Father.
I am writing to you, <your name>,
because you know him who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, <your name>,
because you are strong,
and the word of God abides in you,
and you have overcome the evil one.

Hear, believe, repeat

When you doubt yourself and God’s will for you, reread these verses. Listen to each line and consider his truth. Consider the ways he has changed you and used you to reach others. Remember that he loves you as you are and sees the best that lies ahead.

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” 1 John 3:1

You are a daughter of God, whom he loves. He has given you a place in his family, a seat at his table, and a purpose fillable only by you.

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