Live Your Passions Today

Doing exactly what you love probably sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Life feels so busy and full already. How are you supposed to get everything done and still live your passions?

I truly believe God has already given you passion and a place you’re called to. Right now, right where you are, your passions become the way you serve people. You don’t need to know more or be better to serve.

Getting back to the questions at hand

We need to return to the beginning of this conversation.

Deep inside, you’re being nudged to do something great. Great like big, or great like special. Maybe it’s great like creative, or great like quiet. You’re the only one who knows exactly what it is. My great is different than yours. I love traveling to Guatemala, but maybe you enjoy sitting in a classroom, rocking babies, or feeding friends.

You owe it to yourself, and all the rest of us, to choose your dream. That gnawing passion brings you to life. Just thinking about it brings you alive. This isn’t about choosing one thing over another—being a wife or mama or boss or anything else. It’s about using your gifts and talents  to help others.

Imagine if singers never sang, painters never painted, chefs never cooked, or friends never listened.

We get in our own way

You really can live your passions. It might seem like a magic, mysterious, lofty ideal, but it’s your calling. All too often, we make serving too much of a “thing!” We think if we can’t do something perfectly that it’s not the right time or we’re not the right person.

Here’s the truth. Serving and living your passions is not too hard. God can use you right now, just like you are and right where you are. He doesn’t need you to take a course or get a new job. He’s not asking for perfect. Sometimes He’s not even looking for prepared.

God’s specialty is using ordinary people in simple ways to achieve amazing results. Remember those 12 disciples? They were a mess—fishermen, tax collector, selfish, doubtful, impulsive. Certainly, not perfect. Look close enough, you’ll see yourself. I do. I’m full of self-doubt, but I don’t doubt God. I can be impatient, but God’s teaching me about his timeline. Sometimes I’m impulsive, but He’s slowing me down so I don’t miss the world in front of me.

You don’t need to be more or better—just willing.

Live your passions today.

I’ve been reading the book of Mark lately. Unlike the other gospels, Mark tends to tell the facts and move on. (It’s my kind of book.) This time as I read, the urgency of Jesus’s work stood out.

In Mark 1:12-45 (ESV), the section beginning after the baptism, the word “immediately” is used 8 times. Jesus immediately went into the wilderness (v. 12). Simon and Andrew immediately followed him (v. 18). Jesus immediately called to James and John (v. 20). Jesus immediately entered the synagogue and started teaching (v. 21). Immediately a man appeared with an unclean spirit who Jesus rebuked (v. 23). Immediately Jesus went to the house of Simon and Andrew (v. 29). After he entered, Jesus immediately healed Peter’s ill mother-in-law (v. 30). With just a touch, the leper’s wounds immediately disappeared (v. 42).

Neither Jesus nor the disciples waited for a better day or more training. Jesus understood his mission. “Let us go on to the next town, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out” (Mark 1:38). The disciples didn’t understand what was going to happen or the truth about what the kingdom of God would really look like, but they believed and trusted Jesus.

We can’t be sure how our passions will help people. But, I know that you have a special set of gifts and talents meant to glorify God in a very special way. He’s not asking you to choose work over your family. Each part of you was designed by Him—wife, mother, daughter, volunteer, artist…every single part. Your job is to be where He leads and trust.

Don’t worry about what’s coming next week or next year. Focus on today. Make dinner, call your friends, teach those children, do that work. These are the simple ways He asks you to trust, obey, and serve.

Beginning right where you are

Your ordinary, everyday life is the place God has called you to follow Him most closely. It’s the place where you’re most real, filled with the people we serve most closely.

God may lead you to a different city or country one day. But today, start at home. Use your passions well in the life you live now.

You were for this. If you want to dive even deeper into finding your passion, start back at the beginning of this series. We’ll ask big questions, understand your importance, find joy in your passions, and discover your unique gifts and talents. All, to help you live your passions today.

Motherhood is hard. Just when we think we’re doing it right, something happens to make us doubt ourselves. I hope you find encouragement in every post and realize just how great you are already. Do you have a friend who needs some encouragement too? Share this post with her and then signup to get new posts by email. 

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