MOXIE: Define and Embrace Your Purpose

Moxie. How could one word evoke so many emotions—intrigue, excitement, confidence, fierceness, a slightly vintage mystique? Define and embrace your purpose when you own your moxie.

(I may be slightly biased about the greatness of this word, as it is my nickname.)

Moxie defined

mox-ie  |  1. energy, pep  2. determination, nerve  3. know-how

For more definitions, this may be the one time I suggest looking up a definition in Urban Dictionary. Moxie reminds me of chunky vintage fonts, women with big hair and smoky eyes, and a look that says “don’t mess with me” without a single word. But that’s just me.

The beauty of Moxie is its unapologetic freedom for each of us. While I may be drawn to a subtle strength; you may embrace the playfulness of its energy.

Moxie is an attitude and confidence within you.

embrace your purpose
Photo by Mad Rabbit Tattoo on Unsplash

Embrace your purpose

Knowing your purpose does not always mean you embrace your purpose.

How many times have you passed up an opportunity or stayed silent, only to regret the lost opportunity? There’s a tug-of-war inside your soul—confidence ferociously drags you toward the danger of stepping out as the person God created you to be while doubt pulls you back to the safety of conformity and anonymity.

Conformity, anonymity, and comfort are thieves, stealing a potential you cannot imagine. Instead of facing the unknown of God’s purpose with faith, you find yourself wallowing in doubt, fear, and disappointment.

Trust me. I know.

For years, I tried to fit into the comfortable mold I thought God wanted. Instead of honing my gifts as my faith matured, my efforts were spent shoving all the edgy parts of me into a proverbial box. Spoiler alert: stifling your purpose and personality is exhausting and unsustainable.

No one was impressed in the end.

Photo By Mad Rabbit Tattoo On Unsplash
Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Own your moxie

You were created to be remarkable. Don’t waste another minute being stuck, doubting God’s purpose for you, or stifling the person he created you to be.

Own your moxie. Embrace the energy and pep that comes from doing what you’re good at. Allow your determination and nerve to push past the place where others quit. Step forward and speak up because your know-how is what’s needed to solve problems. In short, define and embrace your purpose. Own your moxie. Push ahead unapologetically with Christ.

Ready to own your moxie?

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