Overcome Fear and Take Back Your Dream

What would happen if you were brave enough to talk about your dream out loud? Remember that one time you told your friends? They were so excited for you, asking questions and dreaming right along with you. Afterward life went back to normal and you let your dream slip away, again. Every time you start to dream, something stops you—Fear. Now’s the time to overcome fear and take back your dream.

What’s stopping you?

I know what you’re gonna say.

You’re really busy. Every day you’re running in circles, just trying to keep up. Plus, you’re not ready. Before you can actually start, you need classes, supplies, time, and talent. There is no extra time, and even if there was, you’re not ready.

Every single thing you just said might be true. You can fill every moment running your home and taking care of kids. There will always be something to clean, someone to feed, or someplace to go. You can fill every moment if you try.

You do all this running around to your kids’ activities where they learn new things and have fun. When did you stop believing you could still learn new things and have fun? Fun and learning don’t end with childhood.

It really is fear

Before you dismiss me, let me explain. There is truth in every single reason you give for not pursuing your dreams. Trust me. I know. I’m at the top of the Mamas Who Don’t Take Good Care of Themselves list. But, I also know there’s something else going on.

We’re the mamas. We have the ability to change our schedules, alter activities, and make time for what’s important. If something really matters, you make time for it. (A friend told me that one time.)

So, if we look beyond our scheduling problem, what else is going on?

fear: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger; anxious concern 

(source: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fear)

It’s fear. Honestly, fear held me back for a long time and some days it still does. Overcoming fear is harder than fixing my schedule.

Fear stops us before we start

You have awesome gifts and talents and how you use them is important.  Maybe you think you’re not ready to start yet, but what if the truth is you’re afraid to start? Going slowly is smart before you make a change or start something new. I’m afraid you’re using that as an excuse. You’re making a list of all the reasons you aren’t ready, you aren’t good enough, or your dream isn’t worthwhile.

There might be a million little lies  and obstacles standing in your way. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know just how great your dream could be or who it could help.

Are these 3 fears holding you back?

  1. Fear of failure. No one wants to fail, especially at something you love and have built up in your mind! You want to be successful and happy, with a dream that other people love too. So, when doubt whispers in your ear, you hold tighter to your dream. If you never start, you can never fail, right?
  2. Fear of success. What if you chase your dream and become successful? Are you afraid to be successful, afraid that people might see you differently? If you’re like me, you want to be successful, but at the same time, you feel guilty being happy for yourself. You believe this lie that mamas should be happy for everyone else and if you’re happy for ourselves, you’re selfish. So untrue.
  3. Fear of change. Life is always changing, but sometimes you initiate the change. What if what God is calling requires big changes in your life? That calls for big faith. Even small changes cause you to shift your life. Change makes us uncomfortable. Are you afraid of the fallout from the changes necessary to achieve your dream? What if your dream collides with your family’s activities?

Overcome fear

Allowing fear to control you is dangerous. Fear creeps into your life and influences your decisions. Instead of trusting God, you play it safe and convince yourself it’s not the time or you’re not the person. Fear tells you that comfortable is the right choice, causing you to miss your calling when you believe the lies that the work is too hard, the risk is too high, and the reward is out of reach.

Every decision you make can be influenced by your very real fear. Fear can be healthy, causing you to pause, or fear can be dangerous, steering you away from God’s will. Only you can discern between healthy and unhealthy fear. To take back your dream, find joy, and reach your potential, you must overcome fear.

Spend some time today thinking about the ways fear is stealing your dreams. Write it down. What are you afraid of? What is stopping you from taking the first step toward your dream?

Will you share with us? Share how fear is stealing your dreams in the comments below or on Facebook.

Ready to start overcoming fear in your life? This series will help you identify how fear influences your life. Face failure, success, and change to find the power of faith.

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