One of Kelly’s favorite things is sharing stories of how God has worked in her life. She wants to help other women overcome the barriers of shame, indecision, and insufficiency to become strong women of faith. She believes each of us is created to reflect our identity in Christ and pursue a unique purpose. She also believes motherhood and passions create a legacy of faith for our families.

Kelly shares biblical truth mixed with personal stories, offers practical tools for your busy life, and encourages you to pursue your passions in the midst of motherhood. Her candor reminds you that you’re not alone and she understands what it’s like to be a mama trying to do her best. Most importantly, she helps you connect your story with God’s truth.

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Purposeful Faith

Bold Confidence

Serving Others Well

We all want to believe God has a purpose for us, but sometimes that purpose is hard to find. As women, our true identity can be overshadowed by the busyness of our lives and our desire to met other people’s expectations. When we understand who we are and the opportunities God has placed in our lives, we develop a purposeful faith that reaches others.

  • Discover who you are in Christ.
  • Identify God’s opportunities for you to serve.
  • Take the next step in purposeful faith.

Being outside the norm can be uncomfortable, especially within the church. For strong women, understanding how to embrace their gifts in an honoring way can be hard. You were not created by mistake. Discover how God used strong women to build the church and still does today.

  • Recognize the gifts you have and how they serve others well.
  • Combat the lies holding you back from fulfilling your calling.
  • Discover the value Jesus placed on women in his ministry.

What does it look like to serve others well? Years of work in Guatemala has shown Kelly both the good and bad of international missions. She passionately believes in serving but also knows the dangers when we do not serve well. Peek behind the curtain and understand how to serve others well.

  • Identify your cultural beliefs and worldview.
  • Decode how the Great Commission impacts your life today.
  • Learn how to serve others well in ways that best meet their needs.