Stuck and Need Help? 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

You’ve exhausted your abilities. Progress has stalled. You’re stuck and need help. What happens next will significantly impact the future of everything you’ve built. Before hiring, ask yourself these 5 questions.

What do you do?

Give us your elevator pitch. What do you do? Who do you serve? Where are you headed?

Maybe those questions caused your body to immediately tighten and your thoughts to spiral. That’s ok. It happens to all of us at some point. Despite your reaction, identifying a direction and goals is the first step in decision-making.

Not sure about your goals? Don’t quit. You’ve just determined your first need—challenging, thought-provoking conversations with a trained coach. Skilled coaches listen with the intent to ask questions that unlock your motivations and help you move forward. You’re the expert, they’re offering guidance.

Stuck And Need Help
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What barriers are impeding your progress?

At some point, you hit a seemingly unbustable barrier. Maybe your skillset was outmatched by the needs of your business. Quite possibly, your to-do lists outpaced hours in the day. Something stopped your progress.

Clearly define what is stopping you.

When the overwhelming feeling of being stuck hits you, what is transpiring? Are you being pressured by physical, financial, intellectual, or emotional needs? Where do our thoughts go in these times? Dig into the deepest recesses of what is stopping you.

In what ways could outside services help you and your team?

Goals defined. Barriers identified. Action needed. What benefits does someone outside your team contribute?

Choosing who best matches your needs greatly impacts your organization’s success. Although related, coaching and consulting approach problem-solving in very different ways. Coaching focuses on the client and sees them as the expert. Consultants are experts who solve problems on behalf of clients.

Coaching is an intentional conversation to encourage the client to determine direction, goals, and actions through introspection and growth.  Coaches very rarely offer suggestions. Instead, they challenge clients through thought-provoking questions.

Conversely, consulting allows subject matter experts to infuse their knowledge into your organization. Consultants work with your team to identify problems, offer solutions, and implement change. The value of consultants is their ability to translate expertise into execution for you.

Photo By Emma Dau On Unsplash
Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash

What does success look like after the completion of your time together?

The quickest path to disappointment is through unmet expectations.

After your time together ends, what does success look like? Did a consultant identify and solve problems on your behalf creating immediate results for you and your team? Are you looking ahead with a clear picture of where you want to be in the next 12 months and a plan for achieving goals independently thanks to a series of coaching sessions?

What results are you expecting from the person you hire?

How will you be different after this experience?

Quite possibly the most important question to be considered—how will you be different after his experience? Inviting others into your organization should always result in forward motion.

If you are seeking encouragement, empowerment, and tools to produce meaningful changes within yourself for future growth, a trained coach will tap into your abilities to solve problems and challenges.

What if time and solutions are what you need most? Consultants offer expertise and solutions to solve problems and fill skill gaps. Solutions equal results. Finished projects create space for progress.

Coaching and consulting offer meaningful results for both you and your team.

Stuck and need help?

After asking yourself these 5 questions, who will you hire? Let’s talk about how Kelly can help you move forward.


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