Help Others without Losing Yourself

help others without losing yourself

We’re trained to be helpful and selfless; freely giving our gifts is encouraged and lauded. While this is true and admirable, the standard should be to help others without losing yourself. Far too often, we give and give, only to be left depleted. But, they need me I hadn’t thought about the weeks after the … Read more

Looking For Purpose but Waiting on God

looking for purpose but waiting on God

Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. Advent begs us to slow down, to hold each one carefully and consider its part in our faith. Sit in the discomfort, wait for something to be revealed before the season’s big celebration. Wait, anticipate, you’re looking for purpose but waiting on God. Even now, he asks you to do his … Read more

Embodying the Essence of Proverbs 31

embodying the essence of proverbs 31

Every day there’s a tension inside you—who you want to be compared to who you think you are. And it doesn’t seem like you can win because confidence and confusion are in a constant fight. Just when you think you’re on the right path or you’ve figured out what you’re supposed to do, impossible expectations … Read more

Proverbs 31: Don’t Let the Description Scare You

don’t let the description scare you

When you’re already feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you need is a list to prove how much you’re failing. Reading Proverbs 31 can feel just like that—a list of ways you’re failing to be a good Christian woman. Don’t let the description scare you. You have to get past the list and see what the … Read more

Handle Yourself with Care, Pause before Reading Proverbs 31

handle yourself with care

Even though you try to hide it, I can see your struggle. You’re playing a part to the best of your ability, but doubt and overwhelm remains. Being a good Christian wife means mastering a long list. But, you can never quite do everything on the list and instead you wonder if you’ve done enough? … Read more

Know Who You Are to Become Who You Want

know who you are to become who you want

The idea of becoming who you’re meant to be and doing your best is exciting and invigorating, but let’s be real—it’s also unnerving. When you believe God created you for something great, the idea of not doing it well is terrifying. Disappointing people is awful, but disappointing God is unimaginable. Before you decide to stop … Read more

Stop Doing Your Best Work in the Wrong Places

doing your best

As the massage therapist turned and twisted my neck, asking me questions about pain levels and range of motion, he made a casual comment. “If we do our best work on the wrong muscles, it doesn’t fix anything.” I almost broke into tears right there on the table. (which would have been more awkward than … Read more

Overcoming the “You’re Not Enough” Lie

Backlit Curtains Girl

Want to know what the “you’re not enough” lie feels like? In an act of momentary insanity, I took to Instagram and shared about the book proposal I’m currently writing and tagged several writers I admire. Instantaneously, a wave of insecurity hit me and I wanted to delete the post. Who am I to write … Read more

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