In a World of Possibilities, Know Where You’re Headed

know where you’re headed

Dream big. Your opportunities are endless. Start today. Work hard. Don’t stop. Keep going. And, be grateful and joyful. God has a plan for you. People are watching. Overwhelmed yet? In a world of possibilities, why is it so hard to know where you’re headed? Too many options These things I know for sure. God … Read more

Only You Can Build Your Dream

build your dream

In my mind, there’s a future me who is a bible teacher and coach. My words flow into books and courses, which then help women find a greater appreciation of who God created them to be. But, my books and courses won’t reach the people who need them if I don’t act. This is my … Read more

A Woman’s Place Is… (surprising the skeptics)

a woman's place is

Might as well, jump right into this conversation. Is there a more cringey way to start a conversation than “a woman’s place is…?” Rarely does anything productive or good come from that line because we’re tired of being “put in our place” by anyone other than God. What if we agree to start a conversation? … Read more

Sacred Self-Awareness in a Self-Help World

Photo By Jordan Whitfield On Unsplash

Social media is full of helpful posts—be your best self, find happiness, ditch those destructive habits, achieve, succeed, change. We’re bombarded by encouraging voices selling a better version of us and our life. Friends, none of their suggestions create wholeness. In a self-help world, we need sacred self-awareness. Self-awareness vs. self-help, the difference is key … Read more

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

At some point, we connected being a “good Christian” with living a comfortable life. Our definition of being “blessed” more closely resembled a grown-up Christmas list instead of God’s character. Friend, if you’re honestly trying to do God’s will, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Real talk None of us want life to be any harder than … Read more

Think, Feel, and Do – Embrace Your Instincts

think, feel, and do

Looking back, there are plenty of times I wish I would have reacted slower, considered how others felt, or researched more. But, when faced with a decision, I tend to assess and act. Sometimes it works well, other times not so much. Even as time softens your rough edges, maturity insists you embrace your instincts. … Read more

Goals Don’t Achieve Themselves

Goals Don't Achieve Themselves

You know that thing you really want, but haven’t accomplished yet…what’s stopping you? Let’s assume indifference isn’t the culprit. Two of the biggest barriers to success are ambiguity and overload—in other words, purpose and manageable steps. Goals don’t achieve themselves, let’s dig into what you want and plan for success. Wishes and goals are not … Read more

When to Say “No” to Good Opportunities

Photo By Javier Allegue Barros On Unsplash

Here’s your current dilemma—someone you admire just offered you an amazing opportunity. This is literally the opportunity dreams are made of. Saying “yes” seems like an easy decision, but is it the right choice? When should you say “no” to good opportunities? Start with your purpose To make a good decision, you have to know … Read more

Brave Enough to Start Again, It’s Who We Are – Your 2020 Reboot

Reboot Restart Feature

Skipping the last 3 months of 2020 won’t work. Nor, can we use a mulligan for the first 9 months. But, the next 90 days can be amazing, even if the first 335 were terrible. Your whole 2020 story matters—unexpected twists, conflict, competing storylines, your message, every part is important—and we get to decide the … Read more

Know When to Refocus – Your 2020 Reboot

Know When to Refocus

Originally, I wanted to call this post “Make Room for Joy,” but that doesn’t feel right. There’s nothing wrong with the word “joy,” but it can feel disingenuous or unobtainable at times. Given all the things this year has thrown at us, I think our first step is to know when to refocus. Or, maybe … Read more

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