Taking the Next Step in Chasing our Dreams

Allowing ourselves to acknowledge our dreams is a big deal. Writing them down took a lot of courage. The real question is what are we going to do with our dreams?

You might still be unsure of what you want to do or where God is leading you. Maybe it feels like you’re altogether stuck. Don’t worry, most of the life is like a puzzle, you only see one piece at a time. If you’re ready to start thinking about your dreams for the first time, or the first time in a long time, start with the first post in this series.

By allowing yourself to believe your dreams are worthwhile, you’ve already taken the first step.

Taking The Next Step In Chasing Our Dreams

Allow your dreams to take shape

If you’re starting to get anxious or worried, let me stop you. This is not a plan committing you to a new life and new career in the next month. Instead, this is a journey to identify how God is shaping your life and preparing you for this passion brewing inside.

We talked before about identifying your dreams. What do you really love to do and can talk about for hours? How are you spending your time already? Most importantly, who do you want to be?

If you’re having a hard time visualizing who you want to be, start thinking about qualities of people instead. Name 3 people you really admire. Now, write out the qualities you most want to emulate from each person. For instance, I really want the spiritual wisdom of Jennie Allen, the moxie of Jen Hatmaker, and the steadfastness of my grandmother.

Identify where you are

Think about your dream, even if you only know a glimpse of it right now. How does it make you feel? Doubt is very common, so is confusion. If you’re feeling a little lost or afraid, it’s probably a confirmation that you’re doing something big enough to require God’s guidance. Passions are not an individual sport.

Before we go any further, you need to be honest. Have you been in this exact same sport before? I have, kinda. I started writing and was kinda consistent, but I kept it hidden. Then I slacked off for a while. So, here I am again. What’s the difference this time? I wasn’t really committed before. My dream seemed trivial and I felt unqualified. I might still be unqualified but I am positive God doesn’t do trivial. This is definitely His thing, not mine. Therefore, I am qualified for the job He has prepared.

If today’s the first time you’ve spoken your dream out loud, this is a moment you need to remember. Today’s the day you took your first step to becoming wholly you. Plus, you need to share your dream with someone else. Tell your closest people where God is leading you.

Dream without limitations

Let’s have some fun. Act like you’re a little kid again. What is the wildest, craziest version of your dream? Imagine you get to be exactly who you want with no limitations. What does this look like?

Don’t hold back.

I really want to write studies for mamas and training for mission teams. Plus, I’d also like to actually travel through Latin America and teach women, in Spanish. It’s a scary big dream!

I know it sounds silly, but in the midst of our wild ideas are little pieces of truth. When we allow ourselves to think without barriers, a new world of possibilities opens up. Our adult minds like to limit our dreams. If you always stay within the lines of what you know, you’ll never experience all of life’s possibilities.

Look for the connections

Now that we’ve dreamed wildly, we need to come back into focus. Look at your wild dream, how is it connected to where you are right now? God has been preparing you for something special—every job, the people you know, the skills you’ve learned—it’s all on purpose.

My path looked pretty crooked for a long time. I was a loan officer, farmed with my dad, learned about commercial building, did a lot of auditing work, and helped launch several business projects. Believe it or not, my economics degree really does work with a seminary degree. Each of those experiences taught me something important for the future. I learned about hard work, long hours, long-term projects, and project implementation, all things I need for where I am today.

Start your passion plan

We need to put our dreams into action. Don’t worry about all the gaps, you aren’t meant to be 100% prepared on Day 1. Pursuing your passion is the proverbial marathon. As you start planning, you’ll find gaps, but instead of fretting, transform these gaps into your personal goals along the way. Mastering each one brings you one step closer.

Ask yourself these 4 questions to help determine the distance between where you are now, and where you want to be:

  1. What skills or experience would help you reach your dream? There are lots of ways to fill this gaps. Find a class, apprentice with a skilled professional, volunteer, or just practice.
  2. How does your dream fit into your life right now? Do you have some pockets of time you can dedicate to learning and practicing? Can you make a little time each week, even if it’s only 1 hour?
  3. What’s a reasonable timeline to reach your goals? With little kids in school, maybe you need to take it slow until you have a good routine. You get to set your schedule.
  4. Who needs to be on your team? It’s always about the people! You will need people to support you, teach you, listen to you, and push you when you want to quit.

You were made for this

Your dream is not for anyone else. Yes, we hope other people will support us and be excited, but it’s your dream. No one else is going to care about it as much as you do. Your passion, the dreams you have combined with the gifts God has given you is uniquely you. You were made for this.

Motherhood is hard. Just when we think we’re doing it right, something happens to make us doubt ourselves. I hope you find encouragement in every post and realize just how great you are already are. Do you have a friend who needs some encouragement too? Share this post with her and then signup to get new posts by email. 

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