You Cannot Finish What You Do Not Start

It’s been a rough year and some of us are feeling stuck. We want to believe in God’s promise and dream, but we’re weary because life’s been hard. We’re not interested in signing up for more hard things right now. Imagine finding the confidence to take the first step and then a couple more. What would that feel like? It’s time to take that first step because you cannot finish what you do not start. And, I’m fairly certain God’s promises are something we want to finish.

Chasing improbabilities: being “ready” and finding the “perfect time”

If you’re waiting to be “ready” or for the “perfect time,” there’s a high likelihood you won’t start.

Nestled between your work, grocery shopping, chauffeuring kids, and all your other tasks is the person God intends to use for something great. Hard to believe, but true. God wants to be part of your normal life and to have who you reflect him all the time. He wants you as you are currently.

You’ll never be “ready.” If the fear of being exposed as unqualified holds you hostage, here’s a secret you need to know—NONE of us are qualified to do what God has planned for our lives. We rely on our personal growth where possible and God’s grace to fill in the cracks. Plus, God knows what he’s getting when he invites you in.

Also, there isn’t a “perfect time” either. Yes, making decisions would be easier if we had a clear plan, maybe a special manual for our own life—How to Be You. Of course, a timeline would also be helpful—take this job at this time, get married now, move then, learn X, Y, and Z to reach exactly where you’re meant to be at the exact right now. Alas, the timing is all his as well.

Photo By Ferenc Horvath On Unsplash
Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash

You have to act

Clearly, God wants you to be a part of his mission in this world.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1 (emphasis added)

Fulfilling his mission requires obedience. Obedience requires action.

Lay aside all the things that are holding you back—your overpacked schedule, doubt, fear, choices you make and their consequences, selfishness, pride, responsibilities that are not yours, unrealistic expectations, everything that keeps you from God. Clear away all the barriers and excuses separating you from God’s clear direction.

Run towards Jesus and what he has for you. Do NOT walk. Do NOT consider your options. Do NOT schedule a Zoom call to confirm the details. RUN towards Jesus and the life he’s already put in front of you.

Practically speaking, there will be choices to make and tasks to accomplish. But, your focus needs to be purposeful living. Focus on where you’re headed. Become an active participant in the story of your life and the story God is writing.

Photo By Hans Reniers On Unsplash
Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

You cannot finish what you do not start

Eventually, everything becomes a choice. Do you trust God? Do you believe he can deliver on his promises, including the ones he makes to you?

If you never start a race, you’ll never experience the excitement and relief of reaching the finish line. You forego the wisdom gained from the miles leading up to the finish. Imagine the strength you’ll gain because of the work you do. Think of the people you will reach and the connections you’ll make. None of this happens if you’re perpetually hanging out at the starting line.

You cannot finish what you do not start!

Make a decision. Trust God. Yes, you might mess up and have to start over. This may take longer than expected. God might change your path partway through. But, you will never get any closer to God if you don’t take action.

Your Next Steps:

What is 1 step you can take today to get started?

Make a call, send an email, write a card, press publish, write out your plan, tell someone your plan, say “yes”–take 1 step today.

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